Our biggest concern at Access 2 Mobility and ATC Conversions is for the safety of our drivers. We are constantly evaluating how we can make things safer. Our latest change was to add a backup battery and move the location of the hydraulic pump to help ensure that the occupants are able to exit in case of an engine fire. We put our product through crash tests, as you can witness in the video below, to provide us reports on how we can make our vehicles safer. The kinda report we love to see however is when a customer reports back that he was able to leave the scene of an accident uninjured. We received the following photo and letter from one of our ATC Ambassadors, Eric S. from Baton Rouge.

eric s crash 1024x768

I would like to thank ATC for their wonderful conversion and attention to safety; it saved my life last week. I was hit head-on by a F-150 at 50 mph who crossed into my lane (reaching for cell phone) then immediately rear-ended by another F-150 at 40 mph. I was literally able to open my door and exit my truck on my own with relatively minor injuries. In the words of one of the firemen on scene; “this was the easiest extraction in a head-on accident we’ve ever seen.”

Thank you ATC, I’m ordering another truck today!

Eric S.


ATC Manufacturing has crash-tested their vehicles to confirm the crashworthiness and safety of all conversions completed by ATC. Vehicles covered include the 2008-2018 GMC and Chevrolet line of pickup trucks. The vehicles tested are representative of all extended cab, crew cab, 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive trucks. To ensure user safety, vehicles were tested at the maximum Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 7000 pounds. The following chart lists the procedures that were successfully completed.

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