Ralph Braun of BraunAbility

Ralph Braun of BraunAbility, has spent his life thumbing his nose at spinal muscular atrophy, the disease that put him in a wheelchair. A born gearhead, Braun got moving again by building a battery-powered scooter and, later, a wheelchair lift for his van. Slowly, he turned these innovations into a business with $200 million in […]

BraunAbility introduced the Companion Van Plus (CV+) in 2014, and it’s proven to be an excellent match against products offered by Internet-direct sellers. The major advantage of the CV+? A low, low conversion cost with the advantage of a power ramp. Other major benefits include:  Wheelchair passengers can ride in front or middle row Available in […]

Access 2 Mobility

TYLER (KYTX) – A Tyler teenager has dreams of playing professional basketball one day, but he’s got some significant challenges. With your help, he may be able to reach his goal. “I played basketball through high school and everything so I really loved the sport,” said Austin Griffin, needs a basketball wheelchair. Griffin fell asleep […]

Life Rolls On founder Jesse Billauer is the proud owner of a BraunAbility® MXV® equipped with a B&D 6-way transfer seat base, which allows him to drive completely independently. See a glimpse of Jesse’s day-to-day life with his new BraunAbility MXV. Life Rolls On was founded to assist and inspire young people affected by spinal cord […]

Access 2 Mobility

When 12-year-old Alexander Knoll saw a man in a wheelchair struggle to get through a heavy door in his hometown of Post Falls, Idaho, he was struck with an ingenious idea. What if there were an app or website that could communicate to persons with disabilities which stores in the area had automatic doors? And […]

Tyler Thorn's Wheelchair Basketball

The Tyler Thorns finished second in the Jon Duncan Memorial Tournament on Sunday. There were five teams involved in the tournament — one of them being The University of Texas at Arlington’s women’s wheelchair basketball league. The Thorns is a member of the My East Texas Adaptive Athletics league, a resource for the disabled community […]

ATC Conversions Crash Test Safety Our biggest concern at Access 2 Mobility and ATC Conversions is for the safety of our drivers. We are constantly evaluating how we can make things safer. Our latest change was to add a backup battery and move the location of the hydraulic pump to help ensure that the occupants […]

Access 2 Mobility

Natural disasters can take place at any moment and can come in any form from floods, severe weather, earthquakes and more, yielding unfortunate outcomes without warning. Being prepared can save lives and planning is important; know who will help you if you need assistance or if you need to evacuate. Be Informed Ensure you have the proper […]

Access 2 Mobility

Like many other consumer horror stories that end in a corporate apology, it took the work of incensed social media users for JetBlue to publicly acknowledge that it shouldn’t have given a passenger’s custom wheelchair away to the wrong person. “The customer did not have the experience we want to provide to our customers who […]

How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Wheelchair or Scooter
New batteries must always be fully charged. Only drain new batteries by 30 percent the first week. Charge your power chair or scooter when the lights or needle go from the green to the yellow to allow your batteries to achieve fully-charged status. Charge batteries daily. Leave your power chair or scooter plugged in overnight [...]
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