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Access 2 Mobility is garnering the appreciation of CampV Tyler for all it does to help veterans in the community. The business helped the nonprofit organization in obtaining and wrapping a van with a wheelchair lift to better assist local veterans.

Access 2 Mobility is garnering the appreciation of CampV Tyler for all it does to help veterans in the community.

Community Assisting Military Personnel & Veterans (CampV) is a nonprofit organization assisting veterans in the Smith County area. CampV was established in direct response to 2017 findings regarding veterans to provide a one-stop resource center for veterans and their families. By utilizing a multi-faceted approach by combining both civilian and military resources, the group provides veterans with multiple services at one centralized location, according to CampV Executive Director Travis Gladhill.

“According to a 2017 study conducted by Texas State University, East Texas has the second largest veteran population in the state. Additionally, it was found in that same study that East Texas had the least amount of resources available for those veterans,” he said.

Gladhill said the organization relies solely on donations and grants from the community, and Access 2 Mobility is one of those local businesses and groups who has gone the extra mile in support of CampV.

“Without the generosity of people and organizations such as Access 2 Mobility, CampV would not be able to continue providing the services that veterans desperately need,” Gladhill said.

Access 2 Mobility, which has the largest showroom in Texas specifically for mobility, offers complete mobility solutions for individuals with limited mobility.

The company provides durable medical equipment to benefit children and adults with permanent or temporary disabilities and provides an outlet for individuals to purchase medical equipment in an honest and caring environment.

Access 2 Mobility Sales and Marketing Manager Susan Harris said the business, which opened in the fall of 2003, has been more than happy to assist veterans through CampV.

“We have provided several meals, donated funds toward the purchase of equipment and vinyl wrap of the Camp V Transport Van,” Harris said. “We want to offer great service with care and compassion, especially to our veterans.”

“We let our community know what we do and how we can improve their accessibility around their homes and town,” she added.

Gladhill said transportation was identified as a veteran need in East Texas and when CampV reached out to Access 2 Mobility concerning the need of a handicap accessible van that could be used to transport veterans, the business quickly answered the call.

“Access 2 Mobility has always been a supporter of veterans by assisting them in obtaining handicap-modified vehicles. They launched a GoFundMe campaign that raised enough money to purchase a used van with wheelchair lift,” he said. “Additionally, they donated more funds to help pay for a vinyl wrap on the van so that it could be easily recognizable to the veteran population. They also took the time to train CampV staff and volunteers on the proper operation, securement, and transporting of a handicap individual.”

Gladhill said he is extremely grateful for the commitment Access 2 Mobility has made to local veterans through CampV.

“Access 2 Mobility has a great staff and leadership that is dedicated to helping people with all of their mobility solutions. Their commitment to CampV and the veterans we assist has been nothing but outstanding,” he said. “By Access 2 Mobility’s commitment to helping us secure a van, CampV can now increase their veteran services further into the rural community, transport veterans to receive services when other options are not available, and provide community outreach services.”

Gladhill said he is proud to have Access 2 Mobility as part of the CampV family.

“When people see a need and answer the call to help, it not only positively affects the individual but the community as a whole and we are proud to have Access 2 Mobility as part of the CampV family,” he said.

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