Action Trackchair ST

The Action Trackchair ST, patented for design and functionality, has been the ultimate all-terrain wheelchair since 2009. With dozens of color combinations and accessories, five different sizes, and a variety of modifications available, each Action Trackchair ST can be customized to fit your needs.



The Action Trackchair ST includes the 20-amp battery charger, dual-port USB charger, tilt-on-the-fly mechanism, cushioned arm rests, fixed footrest (adjustable for height), Type I or Type II tracks, rear stability wheels, lap seatbelt, and independent flip-up arms. A variety of upgrades are available. View the animations below to see some of the standard features in action, including tilting and arms lifting.

This is the right chair for

  • Those who dream of rediscovering the outdoors. With a wide stable base for traversing the most challenging terrain
  • Every option is available on the Action Trackchair ST
  • The affordability of this chair makes it a popular choice for everyday use, everything from attending local sporting events, family picnics, festivals to fairs,  to hunting and fishing opportunities

Owner’s Manual For Chair Models: ST, TR, STS, NT, NR Download/Print 


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