Merits Roadster 3-Wheel

Merits Roadster 3-Wheel

Merits Scooter
The Roadster S3 is a smart-looking, affordable and travel-ready scooter. It’s extremely lightweight and can maneuver both indoors and outside. The S3 disassembles into 5 manageable pieces for easy transport, with the heaviest part weighing only 32 pounds. Thanks to its user-friendly design, no tools are required. The 3-wheel design gives it increased agility when compared to 4-wheel travel scooters. It’s great for store trips or traveling around the town.
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The “Merits Roadster 3-Wheel scooters” are likely to be three-wheel mobility scooters manufactured by Merits Health, a well-known company in the mobility industry. As a three-wheel scooter, it would offer maneuverability and a tighter turning radius, making it ideal for indoor use and navigating through tight spaces.

The scooter would have three wheels, with one wheel in the front and two in the rear, providing a compact and agile design. It would likely come with a comfortable, padded seat, and possibly with an adjustable feature to cater to different users’ preferences.

It would be designed to accommodate users of varying weights, with a weight capacity ranging from around 250 to 350 pounds (113 to 159 kilograms). The Merits Roadster 3 scooters would have easy-to-use controls, typically including a tiller or handlebars with throttle and speed controls.

Merits Health products are generally known for their durability and reliable build quality, ensuring the scooter can withstand regular use. The “Merits Roadster 3 scooters” would be suitable for both indoor use, such as in homes, shopping centers, and healthcare facilities, as well as light outdoor use on even surfaces.


Product NumberS731A
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Seat Width18″
Seat Depth17″
Backrest Height15″
Seat-to-Ground Height19″ – 21″
Seat-to-Deck Height16″ – 18″
Overall Length40″
Overall Width21″
Overall Height36″
Turning Radius35.4″
Ground clearance2″
Weight of Heaviest Piece29 lbs
Total Weight99 lbs
Max Speed4 mph
Per Charge Rangeup to 6 miles
MotorDC 24V, 100W
ControllerPG S-DRIVE 45A
Battery Size (2)12V/12AH
Charger1.8A off-board
Front Wheel(s)7″ PU
Rear Wheels8″ PU
HCPCS CodeK0800




Motors and electronics – 18 months, batteries – 1 year and frame – 5 years