Patient Transfer Lift

The LRT Patient Transfer Lift, featuring a 4’, 5′ and 6’ bi-fold articulating arm with up to a 12′ range of motion, represents the pinnacle of transfer solutions. Its sleek, flexible design effortlessly adapts to both standard and limited spaces, such as bedrooms, bathrooms,  and mobile homes, while also accommodating cathedral ceilings, all without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Skillfully crafted in America and adaptable to your selected lift and sling.

  • Space Saving: Conventional lifting systems can be imposing; the LRT design can be conveniently mounted out of the way.
  • Accelerated Setup and Mobilization: Thanks to its efficient design, the LRT offers swift installation and relocation, arriving mostly preassembled. Minimal touchup is required if moved.
  • Fluid Transfer: Built in swiveling eyelet to prevent the lifting strap from twisting.
  • Adaptive Solution: You can position multiple LRTs throughout your home and easily move the portable lifting motor between them for additional transfer locations.


The LRT, Lift-Rotate-Transfer, is a unique lift system that is designed to move a patient from one stationary point to another. It features a telescoping and pivoting mast that can be installed floor-to-ceiling or floor-to-wall. Models are available to work with ceiling heights from 7’6” up to 14’, custom 16’’. Additional ceiling joist mount options accommodate flat or cathedral ceilings, and even mobile home applications. The LRT also features a height-adjustable articulating arm with a reach of 8’, 10’ or 12’, or custom less than 12’.

  • Implementation: Residential, Post-Acute, and, Acute
  • LRT Warranty: 6 Year Limited Warranty
  • Affixing: Mounting to: Floor-Cathedral Ceiling, Floor-Ceiling, Floor-Wall-Ceiling and Floor-Wall
  • Function & Navigation: Transfer to designated location through lifting and lowering procedures

Picture15 300x281 1Boasting a 360-degree rotating  articulating arm, it provides an unrivaled 6’ arm/12′ range of motion with a lifting capacity of 300lbs, and  5′ arm/10′ range and 4’ arm/8’ range, both with a  lifting capacity handling of 440lbs.

Picture25 300x218 1The LRT provides versatile mounting choices, making it suitable for a wide range of installations, such as in mobile homes, on cathedral ceilings, between ceiling and floor joists, and on walls.

Patient Transfer LiftVarious base options facilitate lifting heights exceeding 9’, accommodating higher elevated lifting surfaces such as beds.  Attaching to ceilings up to 16’

Picture35Featuring a 5-position height-adjustable arm and various base options, providing maximum flexible with vertical clearance.

Picture36 300x243 1The system features adjustable “Rotation Stops” that can be set to limit the maximum movement right and left of the arm. Users have the flexibility to configure each side differently based on their specific requirements. For example, you can set the rotation stops to prevent the arm on the right from reaching the wall, while on the left side, you can restrict it from extending over a nightstand. This suits various needs and spatial constraints.

Picture42The LRT offers versatile placement options and easy mobility. You can position multiple LRTs throughout your home, thanks to its portable motor, which facilitates seamless transfers from one LRT to another, ensuring accessibility to every room in your living space.

Patient Transfer LiftThe LTR is not only designed for within room transfers, but it can also assist transfers through narrow doorways to bathrooms and bedrooms.

The LRT was specifically engineered for transfer tasks that conventional freestanding or ceiling-mounted straight tracks were not intended to handle. Its distinguishing feature is the articulating arm, which enables movement in all directions. This unique capability sets it apart from large, complex track systems that tend to be more intrusive and cumbersome but can achieve similar results.

Turning & Postioning

Bootsted Up In Bed

Turning In Bed

Limb Lifting / Dressing Changes

Portable Motors:

The LRT comes with three optional motor choices. It designed to work with multiple manufacturers portable motors. Regardless of the motor chosen, do not exceed the LRT’s weight capacity of 300lbs. or 440lbs.

See below or click link for Portable Motor products.

LRT Install Assist

While some individuals may possess the skills to independently install the LRT, not every contractor/ installer can accomplish this task solo. Fortunately, the installation process can be made remarkably straightforward with the assistance of the “LRT Install Assist” (LIA). The LIA streamlines the mounting of the mast and arm, ensuring a hassle-free installation experience.

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