Merits Roadster 3-Wheel S731 Scooter

Merits Roadster 3-Wheel S731 Scooter is deigned for convenience and a solution for users’ mobility needs. It is easy to disassemble into five pieces, which means it is portable. Also a big plastic basket allows users to carry their stuffs. With a LED headlight, users can see the road clearly when riding at night.
  • Tiller angle adjustable for ergonomic driving position and easy on and off.
  • Loop tiller with throttle lever to maneuver by palm or finger.
  • Transport and store easily with auto latching lockup design.
  • Detachable battery pack with built in charging port.
  • Large plastic basket.
  • Easily disassembles into 5 pieces.
  • Extra charging port under dashboard for easy plug in.
  • Non-slip foot mat.
  • Simple dashboard easy to read.
  • No tools needed for set-up.
  • High ground clearance 5cm.


Merits Roadster 3-Wheel S731 Scooter


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