Action Trackchair AXIS

The Action Trackchair AXIS is built to get you where you need to go, have the adventures you want while you’re there, and safely return home. We started with a redesigned motor that ensures you will go further and get there faster. The 3.4 combined Horsepower PMDC motors, are exclusive to the AXIS and provide an increase in speed allowing you to cover more ground. This increased power from the motors is amplified when paired with the redesigned frame. This frame is streamlined to reduce rolling resistance which results in improved range. A perfect fit can be achieved with SIX independent adjustment points throughout the seat.




The Action Trackchair AXIS includes the 20-amp battery charger with easy-access plug-in port, 3.4 combined Horsepower PMDC motors, dual-port USB charger, flat cushioned Comfort Company arm rests with 2 Velcro pockets & 4 open pockets/cup holder, Comfort Company cushion and backrest, a flip-up/adjustable footrest, Type II tracks, zinc primer coat, lap seatbelt, and fully-adjustable arms (width, height & length) that independently flip-up. A variety of upgrades are available.

This is the right chair for

  • Improved comfort, so you can stay out longer.
  • Improved performance so you can go further.
  • A wide track base to ensure a stable ride over uneven terrain.
  • Built in vibration dampeners to improve the ride quality on rough surfaces.


AXIS – Owner’s Manual For Chair Models: AXIS Download/Print


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