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UVL Series Wheelchair & Scooter Lift New
The UVL, or Under Vehicle Lift®, offers an innovative solution to your personal mobility. With the lift mounted underneath the vehicle, it remains out of sight and out of your way until needed. This means easy access, a clear side view and maximum interior space— something your friends and family will appreciate on every trip. […]
Century Series: Dependable Operation & Economical Design
The Century Series is an economical solution to your personal mobility. The ingenious design of this lift allows for installation in the side or rear doors of domestic full-size vans. With dual hydraulic lifting arms, you’ll come to rely on the lift’s strength and dependability day after day, year after year. The Century Series lifts […]
Vangater Series: Tri-Folding Platform for Ambulatory Access
The innovative Vangater II Series at once solves the problem of wheelchair access and ambulatory entry with a power tri-folding platform. Over half the van’s side door is available for easy ambulatory exit and entry when the handicapped lift is in the stowed position. But the touch of a button quickly unfolds the platform, revealing […]