Wheelchair Vehicle Equipment

BraunAbility Turny Evo Seat Lift

Transfer in and out of your vehicle easily and safely with this market leading transfer seat. The BraunAbility Turny Evo moves completely outside the car, lowers down to your desired level, then transfers you or your loved one inside with the single push of a button.

Reduce Risk of Falling
The BraunAbility Turny Evo reduces the risk of falling or other injury when entering or exiting a vehicle so you don’t need to stress about getting to where you need to be. Not only are you safer, but you can feel more confident knowing you are in control.

Increase Independence
The BraunAbility Turny Evo rotating seat lift for SUVs, trucks and other vehicles is perfect for independent drivers and caregivers alike. A rotating seat lift allows individuals who normally struggle to enter or exit a vehicle, to do so in a safe and controlled manner.

VSL-570 Vehicle Lift

This easy to use product lifts and stores your unoccupied scooter or powerchair inside your vehicle at the touch of a button. Simply connect the docking device, push a button on the hand-held pendant and let your VSL-570 do the heavy lifting for you! Once lifted to the proper height, the lift is then manually rotated.

VSL 4000HW Joey Vehicle Lift

The Bruno Joey VSL-4000HW lifts and stores an unoccupied scooter or power chair inside full size vans or minivans with the touch of a button. Roll the mobility device onto the lowered platform from either side, hit a button, and let the Joey raise and store the mobility device. Securement belts are included for safety during transport, and an optional barrier system is available from Access 2 Mobility. The Bruno Joey VSL-4000HW is designed to fit most minivan models, and does not affect most 2nd row seating.

VSL-6900 Curb-Sider Vehicle Lift

This easy to use product lifts and stores your unoccupied scooter or powerchair inside your vehicle at the touch of a button. Simply connect the docking device, push a button on the hand-held pendant and let your Curb-Sider do the heavy lifting for you! The Curb-Sider is the world's most popular vehicle lift (over 50,000 sold).

VSL-6000 Curb-Sider Vehicle Lift

The Bruno CurbSider VSL - 6000 makes lifting and storing your scooter or powerchair inside your vehicle virtually effortless (400 lb/181 kg lifting capacity or 250 lb/113 kg version also available. The Offset Arm Design allows lifting/lowering behind, at the rear corner of, or on the side of the vehicle (near the rear wheel). Fold-down Lift Head allows partial third row seating access.

Millennium Series Side-Entry Platform

The Millennium Series is the true workhorse of the BraunAbility line. Those who appreciate a strong, stable lifting platform and time-tested durability can choose this wheel chair lift series with confidence. Thoughtful features include the standard side-entry platform, which allows boarding in tight parking situations. With so much riding on your personal mobility, you can't afford to take chances. Trust the Millennium Series wheel chair lifts to get you there on time, every time.

Under Vehicle Wheelchair Lift for Vans

The Under Vehicle Wheelchair Lift for Vans is the wheel chair lift for those who demand the best of everything. With these wheelchair lifts mounted underneath the vehicle, they remain out of sight and out of your way until needed. That means easy access for ambulatory passengers and cargo, a clear side view for the driver while traveling and maximum interior space for passengers – something your friends and family will appreciate on every trip.

Century Series Wheelchair Lift for Accessible Vans

With dual hydraulic lift arms and a design that has withstood the test of time, the Century Series offers all of the benefits of a BraunAbility wheelchair lift in a streamlined, economical package. The simplified electrical system offers trouble-free operation, while the non-hydraulic spring-loaded roll stop keeps your chair securely on the wheelchair lift platform throughout the lifting cycle.

VersaHaul Mobility Scooter Carrier VH-MS XL

VersaHaul leads the industry in top quality Mobility Scooter and Wheelchair hitch carrier racks. The Mobility Scooter Carrier VH-MS XL will carry Electric Wheelchairs and smaller mobility scooters up to 600 lbs. The VersaHaul Mobility Scooter Carrier VH-MS XL includes a folding ramp and folds up behind the vehicle.

AL500 Universal Outside Power Chair Lift

AL500 Universal Outside Power Chair Lift is the most popular outside platform lift of its kind. Easy to operate and built to last for years of trouble free use, this premium lift is compatible with virtually every power chair available.

• Carries virtually all power chairs
• 4 – Self-tensioning, Q’Straint retractors
• Stars -N- Stripes Aluminum Deck
• No power chair modifications
• Manual back-up
• License plate mount
• Swing-Away option available

ASL250 Out-Sider Meridian Vehicle Lift

Bruno’s most popular exterior platform lift. Maintain all your seating and cargo space with a Bruno Out-Sider. If you change mobility devices in the future, the Out-Sider can be easily adapted. It can also be transferred to another applicable vehicle. Add the “Swing-Away” option to easily rotate the lift to access your cargo area.

AL100 Universal Scooter Lift

The AL100 & AL100HD are durable lifts with weight capacities of 350 lb and 400 lb respectively. The AL100HD is the heavy lifter and is the only scooter lift with a 400 lb weight capacity on the market. Thanks to a durable aluminum platform, thoughtful engineering, and effortless operation, these lifts endure the tests of both time and weather. These attributes make these universal scooter lifts the most popular solution on the market. Its unique automatic hold-down foot secures the scooter. It requires no scooter modifications. We design our lifts with you in mind. Offering more customized platform sizes that are 15 to 25% lighter than others, which means you save money on fuel.