Bruno Valet® Signature Seating

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The Bruno Valet is a simple and reliable driver or passenger solution for access to higher vehicles. The Valet provides full power operation to eliminate the twisting, turning and climbing associated with entering and exiting many vehicles. One button control makes operation a snap!

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  • Includes a high quality, Comfort Seat/Armrests and utilizes the factory seat belt.
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (using the factory seat is not recommended or approved by the car manufacturers due to crash testing and many safety reasons).
  • Fully powered operation; can be stopped at any height for ideal transfer.
  • No structural modifications to your vehicle – will not affect resale and can reinstall in your next vehicle*
  • Wide variety of seat options in Metro Tech fabric or Ultraleather™ Plus
  • Hundreds of vehicle-specific mounting kits provide a safe and precise installation for minivans, SUVs, pickup trucks, CUVs and full-size vans – first and second row applications available.  Call us at Access 2 Mobility to confirm compatibility with your vehicle.
  • Sales, installation and service provided by our factory-trained worldwide network of dealers.
  • A Bruno Vehicle Lift complements your Valet® for a total mobility solution.

*Application list is constantly growing. Contact Bruno for details on specific model year, model and compatibility.

  • Transfer onto seat
  • Hold down a button on a hand-held pendant
  • Manage legs and feet while rotating in/out of vehicle
  • Move head to clear doorway (if application requires it)
  • User Weight Capacity: 330 lb/150 kg
  • Installed Net Weight: 120 lb/55kg (minus removal of factory seat base)
  • Vertical Travel: 12 in/30cm and 16″/39cm
  • Application Position(s): Front-right, Front-left; Mid-right, Mid-left
  • Applications: All Minivans, most Full-size Pickup Trucks, most SUV’s, Full-size vans, select CUV’s
  • Warranty: 3 year


3-Year Limited Warranty.