Quickie QM-710 Power Wheelchair

The QM-7 Series' SpiderTrac 2.0 Suspension. For superior traction and handling, SpiderTrac features independent movement of all six wheels. Optimized articulation of the front and rear wheels give the QM-7 the ability to crawl up and down steep obstacles while keeping you stable and comfortable. The transitions are so smooth, you have to experience it to believe it!


Experience it to believe it!

The Quickie QM-7 Series power wheelchairs combine function and luxury for a unique driving experience. Make your day-to-day a thrill with the QM-7 Series’ SpiderTrac® 2.0 Suspension, reliable 4-pole motors, and PG Drives electronics.

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12″ Seat Elevate and Ultra Low Seat Heights

[object object] Quickie QM-710 Power Wheelchair QM710 B 3QtrLeft fullElevation 003 227x300The QM-7 combines a lofty 12″ Power Seat Elevate with Quickie’s lowest ever seat heights, making everything at home and work within your reach. The QM-7’s 12″ Power Seat Elevate allows you to interact with peers at eye-level and independently access tall shelves and cabinets. When ordered with tilt, recline, and elevate, the QM-7 can still achieve a seat height as low as 16″, so you can pull up to tables and desks even when using a thicker cushion.

New Power Centermount Legrest with 7.5″ of Articulation

Quickie’s NEW Power Centermount Legrest offers an increased 7.5″ range of articulation. This helps maintain comfortable positioning of the legs during elevation, and keeps the knees from bending when elevated.

[object object] Quickie QM-710 Power Wheelchair Legrest2 300x275With length adjustments that span from 3″ to 19″, the new Power Centermount Legrest provides the optimal fit for a wide range of user lower leg lengths. The left and right sides may be independently adjusted for a customized fit.

The Power Centermount Legrest has the capability of extending the footplate all the way to the ground, creating a stable platform for easy transfers.



NEW Electronics Options for Enhanced User Experience

PG Drives Advanced Color Joystick – Operating the various functions of a power wheelchair has never been this convenient. This joystick includes a large 3.5″ color display for easy viewing, paddle switches that control on/off functions and chair speed, a speaker for increased horn volume, and programmable shortcuts for custom control of other functions.

Retractable Joystick Mount – Adjustable from -135° to +135°, the retractable joystick mount offers a comfortable driving position for users whose hands turn inward/outward, retracts inward for clearing tight spaces, and retracts outward to improve access to desks/tables.

Ctrl+5 Toggles and Buttons – The Ctrl+5 allows for convenient access to 5 seating functions through either toggle switches or buttons, includes a USB port to charge mobile devices, and may be mounted in various locations including behind the back for use as an attendant control.

Switch-It Dual Pro – The Dual Pro is a truly proportional head array with fine-tuned adjustments and customization to provide the user an easy-to-learn, precise, and intuitive driving experience.

New cost-effective battery options available.

Model NumberEIPW11
Starting Retail PriceQM-710: $6,550
QM-715 HD: $7,205
QM-720: $7,780
Drive Wheel PositionMid Wheel Drive
HCPCS CodeQM-710 BC: K0848
QM-710 SC: K0856
QM-710 MPC: K0861
QM-715 HD BC: K0850
QM-715 HD SC: K0858
QM-715 HD MPC: K0862
QM-720 BD: K0868
QM-720 SD: K0877
QM-720 MPD: K0884
User Weight CapacityQM-710/QM-720: 300 lbs.
QM-715 HD BC and SC: 400 lbs.
QM-715 HD MPC: 350 lbs.
Overall Wheelchair WeightNo Power Seating Option: 310 lbs.
Single Power Seating Option (Tilt or Recline): 350 lbs.
Multiple Power Seating Options (Tilt & Recline): 375 lbs.
Overall Wheelchair Width25″
Turning Radius20″
Overall Wheelchair Length36″ without footrests
SuspensionSpiderTrac® 2.0
Transit ApprovedYes
Shipping Dimensions47″ L x 40″ W x 54″ H
Average Shipping Weight350 lbs.
Seat Width Range12″ – 22″
Up to 24″ seat widths available on select QM-715 HD models
Seat Depth Range12″ – 22″
Seat-To-Floor HeightNo Power Seating Option: 16.3″ – 21″
Single Power Seating Option (Tilt or Recline): 16.1″ – 19.6″
Multiple Power Seating Options (Tilt & Recline): 16.0″ – 18.5″
Pre-Set Seat Frame Angle0°, 3°, 6°
Back Height Range14″ – 28″
Maximum Speed5.0 mph High Torque Package
6.0 mph Standard Package
8.0 mph Community Package
Frame/Shroud Color OptionsCandy Apple Red
High Gloss Black
Candy Blue
Green Apple
Pearl Pink
Candy Purple
Matte Black
Midnight Blue
Pearl White
Digital Camo
Woodland Camo
Carbon Fiber Print
American Flag
Pink Camo
Grunge Skulls
Drive Wheel14″ Cast Wheel Solid Inserts (knobby) – Black or Grey option
14″ Cast Wheel Pneumatics (knobby)
Caster WheelsFront and Rear: 6″ Solid – Black or Grey option
Transit Option4-point Transit Package
LED Light PackageN/A
Wheel LocksWheel Locks
Manual Conversion KitN/A
Ventilator OptionsFixed Vent Tray (Pulmonetic LTV Models)
Batteries22NF Flat Top with straps
Group 24 Flat Top Gel Cell with straps
Group 34 Flat Top Gel Cell with straps
Battery Charger8A Dual Mode (Compact) CTE
Active Controls ReCharge with Socket
Drive Control OptionsNon-expandable R-net PM120 Controller (120 Amp)
Expandable R-net PM120 Controller (120 Amp)
JoysticksR-net Standard LED Joystick
R-net Joystick with Stereo Jacks and Color Display
R-net Joystick with Toggle, Speed Potentiometer, Stereo Jacks and Color Display
R-net Advanced Joystick with 3.5″ Color Display, Paddle Switches, Shortcut Keys, and Stereo Jack
Joystick MountFixed
Joystick HandleBall
Foam Ball
R-net OMNI and Output OptionsR-net Input Control Module and Display with Built-in Infrared and Armrest Mount
R-net Output Module (ECM)
R-net Bluetooth Mouse-over
OMNI MountSwing-Away (right or left side)
Switch Inputs for Joysticks or OMNIStereo to 2 Mono Splitter
Buddy Button
Micro Light
Egg – Black
Dual Toggle Switch Only
Switch-It Mini 1 Button on Mono Plug
Switch-It Mini 2 Button on Mono Plugs
Switch-It Mini 2 Button on 1 Stereo Plug
Switch-It Mini 4 Button on DB9 Connector
Switch Mount BracketSingle
Specialty Driver Control OptionsSwitch-It Dual Pro Proportional Head Control (Adult or Pediatric)
Switch-It Versa-Guide Compact Joystick Midline w/ Gatlin Package and Optional Proximity Flex Switches
Switch-It Micro-Pilot Joystick w/ Bullet Tray Package
Switch-It Micro-Guide Joystick w/ Bullet Tray Package
ASL Proportional Micro Extremity Joystick Midline w/ Gatlin Package
ASL Mushroom Joystick Midline w/ Gatling Package
ASL Compact Joystick w/ Integrated Buttons Midline w/ Gatlin Package
ASL Micro Mini Joystick with Hand Pad Midline w/ Gatlin Package
Switch-It Versa-Guide Chin Control and Egg Switch Package or Proximity Flex Switches Package
Switch-It Versa-Guide Bib Chin Control and Proximity Flex Switches Package (6″ or 8″)
Switch-It Micro-Pilot Bib Chin Control Package (6″ or 8″)
Switch-It Micro-Guide Bib Chin Control Package (6″ or 8″)
ASL Proportional Micro Extremity Joystick Chin/Lip Control Package
Switch-It Head Array Package 3-Switch Curved (Long or Stubby)
Switch-It Head Array 5-Switch Flat (Adult and Pediatric)
ASL Proximity Head Array Package 3-Switch (Adult or Pediatric)
Quickie Sip ‘N’ Puff System
Switch-It 3, 4, or 5 Naked Proximity Switches on DB9 Connector
ASL 5-Switch Adaptor Box on DB9 Connector
4-Way Toggle Switch Button on DB9 Connector
Attendant Control
Electronics ProgrammersR-net PC Programmer with Dongle
Seat FrameASAP II
3.7 Power Recline Seat
Powered Seating OptionsQuickie SPOT 50° CG Tilt
3.7 Power Recline with Power Shear Reduction
9″ Power Seat Elevate
12″ Power Seat Elevate
Powered Seating Control MethodSwitch Control 1 Actuator with Dual Toggle
Switch Control 1 Actuator with Buddy Button and Mount
Switch Control 1 Actuator with Switch-It Mini 1 Button
Switch Control 1 Actuator with Switch-It Mini 2 Button
Switch Control 2-3 Actuators with Dual Toggle
Switch Control 2-3 Actuators with 4-Way Toggle
Switch Control 2-3 Actuators with Switch-It Mini 2 Button
Switch Control 2-3 Actuators with Switch-It Mini 4 Button
Thru Drive 1 Actuator
Thru Drive 1 Actuator with Assignable Buttons
Thru Drive 2+ Actuators
Thru Drive 2+ Actuators with Assignable Buttons
Ctrl+5 Push Buttons
Ctrl+5 Toggles
Backrest Frame TypeAngle Adjustable (ASAP II)
Manual Recline 40°
3.7 Power Recline
Angle Adjustable Backrest OptionsNon-folding
Back Cane AngleStraight
8° Bend
Towel Bar DepthShallow
Deep (extends 4″ from back canes)
Back Cane HeightASAP II:
Fixed Low (15.5″)
Fixed Medium (17.5″)
Fixed Tall (19.5″)3.7 Power Recline:
22″ to 28″
Backrest TypeUpholstery
Tension Adjustable Upholstery Ballistic Nylon
Tension Adjustable Upholstery 3DX Vented
SPOT Curved
JAY SPO Posterior Positioning
ART SPO Posterior Positioning
Integrated JAY J3 (full line available)
Head Support OptionsHeadrest Mounts:
Whitmyer Axys
Whitmyer Linx
Whitmyer Cobra XtraHeadrest Pads:
8″ Plush
10″ Plush
14″ Plush
Lateral Thoracic SupportSwing-Away 4″ x 4″
Swing-Away 4″ x 5″
Swing-Away 4″ x 6″
Swing-Away 6″ x 4″
Swing-Away 6″ x 5″
Swing-Away 6″ x 6″
Thigh SupportSPOT Long Thigh Support with Removable Mount (right or left)
Knee Adductor SupportsSwing-Away Short or Long Arm Mounts (right or left)
Small or Large Pad Sizes
Chest StrapPadded Chest Strap
ArmrestsDual Post Flip Back
Dual Post Flip Back Height Adjustable
Cantilever with Locking Post
Single Post Height Adjustable
Reclining Cantilever
Reclining Cantilever with Locking Post
Arm PadsDesk Length Waterfall
Full Length Waterfall
Desk Length Standard
Full Length Standard
Standard Reclining Arm Pad
Full Length Cantilever
Desk Length Cantilever
Comfort Reclining Arm Pad – Foam (2″ or 4″)
Comfort Reclining Arm Pad – Gel (2″ or 4″)
Otto Bock Reclining Arm Pad
Otto Bock Hand Pad
Legrests65° Swing-Away
70° Swing-Away
75° Swing-Away
90° Swing-Away
Manual ELR Swing-Away
Power Centermount ELR with 7.5″ of Articulation
Swing-Away Power ELR with Articulation
Fixed Centermount
Angle Adjustable Centermount
Legrest ExtensionsShort
High Mount
FootplatesComposite with Heel Loop
Adult Angle Adjustable with Heel Loop
Kids Angle Adjustable with Leg Strap
One-Piece Angle Adjustable
Centermount Dual
Angle Adjustable Centermount
Tray TablesSmall Tuffak 13-14
Medium Tuffak 15-17
Large Tuffak 18
BackpackBlack Utility
Black/Charcoal Kids
Positioning BeltsAuto Style Buckle
2″ Aircraft Buckle
2″ Aircraft Padded Buckle
Mounting AccessoriesN/A
MiscellaneousActive Controls Power Buddy
RAM Phone Mount on Round JS Tube
RAM Tablet Mount on Round JS Tube
RAM Cup Holder
Switch-It Remote Stop Switch

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