MPS Push Pull Hand Control

MPS Push Pull Hand Control

The MPS Push Pull Hand Control operates by Pushing down toward the floor for brake and pull back for acceleration available with upright handle or our standard handles to custom fit you and your driving style.Built MPS strong and also carries our 5yr warranty.

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MPS Push Pull Hand Control extremely smooth and effortless to operate.

MPS Push Pull Hand ControlMPS Push Pull Hand Control is our most basic design.  Braking and acceleration are applied through mechanical linkage. Simply push the handle forward toward the dashboard to brake or pull it back toward the driver to accelerate.  The handle is available in an upright or standard handle configuration.  Considering a new vehicle down the road? In most cases this control can be transferred to your new vehicle by a qualified mobility professional.

All MPS products are covered by a 5 year limited warranty.

In addition to the hand controls, numerous other superior driving aids have be developed over the years. With a variety of styles to choose from you will find the driving device that is just right for you!

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