AL100 Universal Scooter Lift

AL100 Universal Scooter Lift

The AL100 & AL100HD are durable lifts with weight capacities of 350 lb and 400 lb respectively. The AL100HD is the heavy lifter and is the only scooter lift with a 400 lb weight capacity on the market. Thanks to a durable aluminum platform, thoughtful engineering, and effortless operation, these lifts endure the tests of both time and weather. These attributes make these universal scooter lifts the most popular solution on the market. Its unique automatic hold-down foot secures the scooter. It requires no scooter modifications. We design our lifts with you in mind. Offering more customized platform sizes that are 15 to 25% lighter than others, which means you save money on fuel.

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AL100 Universal Scooter Lift

Swing-away option available! Please confirm with your car’s compatibility with your Harmar dealer

Make traveling with your scooter easy with the AL100 Universal Scooter Lift or AL100HD! Whether you need a simple lift or something with a little more lifting power, these hitch-mounted lifts will save you some transportation trouble and room in your vehicle’s cargo area.

  • The AL100 Universal Scooter Lift and AL100HD are optimal for scooters up to 350 lb or 400 lb (for HD).
  • Compatible with most minivans, SUVs, trucks, and vans.
  • This lift series is complete with fully powered lifting and folding when not in use.

AL100 Universal Scooter Lift

The AL100 and AL100HD are compatible with most minivans, SUVs, trucks, and vans; however, we invite you to click the Check Vehicle Compatibility button below to get a better idea of whether your vehicle is the best fit. Or, ask your local Harmar dealer for guidance when shopping for your lift.

With a lifting capacity of 350 lb or 400 lb (HD), these lifts are great fits for most scooters. Consult with your local Harmar dealer to ensure this lift is best for your mobility device and vehicle.

While hitch-mounted lifts require little-to-no work while operating the lift, there are certain steps that must be completed in order to ensure your mobility device is secured for travel.

  • Walking from the front to the rear of the vehicle and back again
  • Standing up to three minutes while the lift operates
  • Steer or push the mobility device on/off the platform
  • Fold down the seat back of the mobility device or scooter tiller until it is in its most compact position
  • Insert the key and rotate it 90 degrees to turn on and activate the lift
  • Apply pressure to hold the up/down toggle switch while the lift operates

For Retractors: Connect the hook to location on mobility device and pull strap end or turn knob to increase tension (single and dual-hand retractors available)

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  • Sets the standard for all other Scooter Lifts
  • Carries virtually all scooters
  • Automatic hold down foot
  • No scooter modifications
  • Accommodates scooters with a wheelbase of up to 42”
  • Manual crank backup and license plate mount included
  • Swing-away option available
  • Made in the USA
Hitch Height:5″ to 18″
Power Source:Hardwired
Works With Hitch Size:Class II Hitch
Class III Hitch
Professional Install Available:Yes
Service Contract Available:No
Lifting Capacity:350 lbs.
Recommended For:Travel Scooters
Full Sized Scooters
Platform Size – Length:39-47 in.
Platform Size – Width:27.5 in.
Installed Product Weight:83 lbs.
Type of Lift:Outside Lift
Warranty:3 Year Limited Warranty

Warranty Information for the AL100 Platform Scooter

Harmar Mobility warrants its vehicle lift and access ramp products against defects in material, mechanical and electrical components (parts), excluding labor cost, batteries and paint, for a period of three (3) years, provided that the products have been installed, maintained and operated properly. This warranty does not cover defects in vehicles on which Harmar Mobility products are installed or defects in Harmar Mobility products caused by defects in any part of the vehicle upon which the product is installed.

This warranty starts on the date of the retail purchase, provided the warranty certificate is returned to Harmar Mobility, completely and property filled out within ten (10) days of purchase. This warranty does not cover maintenance or adjustments. Harmar Mobility will not be charged for labor, consequential damage or repair expenses. Harmar Mobility will not, under any circumstances, be liable for the loss of the use of its products or the vehicles on which they are installed or loss of time. This warranty becomes null and void if the product has been lost, damaged by accident, misused and/or neglected, or if the product has been modified in any way. Defective parts must be returned, prepaid, to Harmar Mobility for inspection prior to credit or replacement. At Harmar Mobility’s option, any part found to have been modified, over-stressed, damaged by accident, or misused is not covered by this warranty.